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I offer everything you need to make your skin more seductive: brown sugar, sea salt, jojoba oil, orange oil, vitamin E, Brazilian ground robusta coffee and olive oil, topped with a a good dose of love.

what can i give you?

Besides being a great listener, I’m effective against cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis and acne. If your skin is already perfect, then just use me to keep it fresh and firm at all times.

You need proof, not promises? Try me!

Brown sugar gently removes dead skin cells, helps to purify blocked pores and intensively moisturizes your skin. Sea salt helps to rebalance the pH level of your skin and prevents pores from becoming clogged. It also stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, soothes inflamed skin, and is one of the most effective ingredients for tackling eczema, psoriasis and cellulite. Jojoba oil is rich in important nutrients that heal the skin. It is quickly absorbed, but keeps the skin moisturised for a long time, while reducing inflammation and keeping acne under control. Orange oil encourages detoxification of your body and has strong antiseptic properties. Because it increases blood circulation when used topically, it is effective against cellulite. Vitamin E, which protects skin cells and has anti-ageing properties, helps prevent wrinkles. Ground Brazilian robusta coffee beans, my main ingredient, are primarily responsible for combating cellulite and preventing the formation of cellulite. How? Coffee applied to the skin enhances blood circulation in areas where cellulite is present. It also helps to cleanse the skin of toxins. Olive oil, which is rich in vitamin E, revitalises your skin and prevents wrinkles.  It reduces scars and has healing properties.

How to use me

Don’t be greedy – let’s meet once or twice a week in the shower. No matter how nice I smell, taking two small handfuls of me on your body will be enough. A little goes a long way!

Massage me gently into your moist skin using circular motions, scrubbing a little more over problematic areas. You may think I’ve made your skin a bit dirty, but that’s just how I work.

For the best results, leave me on your skin for about five to ten minutes. Rinse me off thoroughly while you’re still in the shower, and enjoy your refreshed skin. You can use me on your face, too, if you promise to be really gentle.

In case I get into your eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water. If I still cause you discomfort, consult a doctor.

After use, make sure you seal me properly and keep me somewhere dry. If I get wet, I will expire faster.

Although I’m irresistibly natural, feel free to patch test me first to make sure you are not allergic to my ingredients.