General Terms & Conditions (hereinafter GTC) of the  webshop  (hereinafter Webshop)

Details of the Webshop operators:

Company name: FWB Friends Kft.

Name of responsible party: Kata Gerő

Registered seat of company: Aulich u. 7, 1054 Budapest

Registered office: Aulich u. 7, 1054 Budapest

Trade Registration Number: 01-09-895863

Registration number: 37795897

Tax number: 14257896-2-41

Tax number: 66697389132

(hereinafter Operators)

Postal address: 1054 Budapest, 10 Hold street
Mobile: +36 30 946 83 50 (no surcharges)


General terms and conditions

1.1.         Present GTS are entirely public, the Webshop have taken all possible measures necessary for the Customer to be acquainted with the GTS before entering into contract.

1.2.          Present General Terms & Conditions apply for all products and services available on the Website ( – regardless of whether Customer is a registered user of the Website or not.

1.3.          In the Webshop no other Code of Conduct is in effect and present GTS do not refer to any further code of conduct. All Parties refrain from applying any general terms & conditions including those which might be in effect on the part of Customer.

1.4.          By logging on and using the Website, registering and placing an order, Customer  certifies that they have read and agreed to each point of the General Terms & Conditions concerning the use and services of the Website (including Data Protection Regulations) – even if these General Terms & Conditions differ from regular market practices. If  Customer opts for not agreeing to Data Protection Regulations and present General Terms & Conditions, Customer and Webshop will not enter into a contract.

1.5.          By logging on and using the Website and placing an order, Customer admits to be older than 18 years of age and to be fully aware of and agree to the limitations of online shopping.

1.6.          It is forbidden to unlawfully use any trademarks and copyrighted contents appearing on the Website. Any illegal activity might entail legal proceedings, both criminal and civil. In harmony with this, it is forbidden to download, store, process or sell any content appearing in the Webshop.  Customer is forbidden to sell in a retail business any products purchased in the Webshop without the Operators’ previously written agreement.

1.7.          The Webshop intends to take all measures expected in the given situation to ensure that the content of the Website is accurate.  However, it does not take responsibility for any information set inaccurately, or for the errors of the IT system operating the Webshop and any losses resulting from such errors.  Furthermore, no responsibility is taken for the content of external webpages which are available from the Website through links.

1.8.          The language of the contract and any related communication is Hungarian in all cases. The Webshop charges no fee for any communication regarding the fulfilment of the contract.


Terms regarding the subject of the contract

2.1.          The Webshop distributes cosmetic products (hereinafter Product/Products). The images featuring the Products may differ from the actual Products, and in certain cases are presented as illustration. Next to each Product the Webshop provides a short description of its main characteristics and features.

2.2.          The featured Products can be ordered via the Webshop. Prices include VAT and all other taxes and product fees, etc., and are quoted in Hungarian forints (HUF). Prices appearing next to each Product are always set per item.  Prices do not include delivery fee. No packaging fee is charged.

2.3.          The Webshop reserves the right to change the range of the distributed Products and their prices. Changes become effective when published on the Website.

2.4.          The Webshop assumes no responsibility if, regardless of its efforts, prices and product characteristics are quoted inaccurately due to errors for which the technical service provider operating the website can be held responsible. Furthermore, the Webshop is not responsible for errors with special regard to setting unrealistic prices or inaccurate product characteristics, which are caused by the failure  of the IT data input system. In such cases the Webshop is not liable for selling the Product(s) for the price inaccurately quoted on the Website. However, in the confirmation email about the order it is obliged to offer to deliver the product at the right price. On the basis of the information received, Customer is entitled to order the Product(s) at the right price or waive the purchase option without any adverse legal consequences. In the latter case neither party is liable for any claims, proprietary or other, at the other party’s expense.

2.5.          In the case that discounted prices or other special offers are made, the Webshop will to the full extent provide customers with information regarding the duration and conditions of the promotion.


How to order

3.1.          No registration on the Website is necessary for purchasing in the Webshop. However, it is recommended in order to simplify the process of shopping. The Webshop cannot be held responsible for possibly inaccurate data provided during the process of registration or placing an order.

3.2.          By clicking on the ’shopping cart’ icon next to the selected Product(s),  the item in the selected number will be added to Customer’s virtual shopping cart. In this instance the number of selected items will be shown in the ’shopping cart’ icon appearing in the top right corner of the monitor. Clicking on this ’shopping cart’ icon will cause a list of cart contents to appear, reflecting the selected Product,  price per item and the order sub-total. Adding Products to the shopping cart does not entail any obligation to purchase; further items can be added, or the selected Product can be cancelled, Customer can return to the Webshop, where new or further Product(s) can be selected and added to the shopping cart.

3.3.          After finalising of the selected Products and their numbers, the Webpage requires Customer’s personal details (name, address, email, phone, sex, age) to be able to fulfil the order. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in, otherwise the order cannot be completed. Orders can only be placed in the Webshop, and cannot be made via phone or in any other ways.

3.4.          In the next step the Webshop offers Customer the possible delivery methods, from which Customer can freely choose. The terms and conditions regarding delivery are listed in the 5th point of the present GTS. On the Delivery Address page, Customer is required to provide personal information concerning billing and delivery, which might differ from the name and address given by Customer when placing the order. Customer is held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. The Webshop  takes no responsibility for any possible delays or losses caused by inaccurate or incomplete information.

3.5.          After selecting the delivery method, the order can be placed by clicking on the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button.  From this time Customer automatically gives permission to the Webshop to receive and process information and data concerning the purchase via its computer system. Furthermore, by this Customer also states that they are fully aware of and have agreed to the GTS and Data Protection Regulation in effect.

3.6.          Once Customer has provided the delivery and billing information as well as the delivery method, the payment method can be selected on the ’Selecting payment method’ page. Point 4 of GTC refer to payment conditions. Clicking on the ’Sending your order’ button entails payment obligations concerning the quoted price (gross, including VAT, other taxes, product fee etc.)

3.7.      The contract regarding the ordering of Products becomes effective  when the Webshop confirms the order. The Webshop is required to send an electronic confirmation – including an order reference number – within 48 (fourty-eight) hours to the email address provided by Customer when placing the order or during registration.  The contract, which has become effective by placement of the order and its confirmation by the Webshop, is considered to be a written contract (hereinafter Contract) and is filed and stored by the Webshop. If Customer fails to receive the confirmation email within 48 hours, Customer is not subject to any legal bindings of the contract. In such a case Customer is requested to contact the Webshop by any means, referring to the contact details at the top of the page.

3.8.          The order and its confirmation are regarded as received when they become accessible to the Webshop. The Webshop assumes no liability for cases when the confirmation email fails to arrive on time because Customer provided the wrong email address during the registration process, or is unable to receive emails due to the lack of storage space. Furthermore, no liability is assumed when errors occur due to any internet, server or other technical problems, as well as other causes which can be traced back to the Customer’s negligence. Under such circumstance no Contract takes effect between the parties.

3.9.          Customer is liable for fulfilling the terms of the Contract, that is to pay the quoted price of the Product(s) and to collect it/them. If Customer fails to collect the Product(s), or pay the price and/or the delivery fee, the Webshop is entitled to demand compensation for any losses (particularly but not exclusively the delivery and redelivery costs) as well as to deny Customer the right to use the Webshop.

3.10.       Customer can contact the Webshop with regard to the ordered Product by any means (e-mail, telephone) on business days from 9:00 to 17:00 referring to the reference number received in the automatic confirmation email.

3.11.       The Webshop provides a bill including the cost of the Product(s) and the delivery. For credit card payment, it is sent to the email address provided by Customer as an electronic bill after payment is complete, whereas for collect on delivery it is provided to Customer along with the Product(s). The Webshop stores the bill in the way and for the length of time specified by law.


Terms of payment

4.1.         Customer can pay the price of the ordered products in two ways: the full price and the delivery costs can be paid before delivery by credit card via the PayPal terminal. For payment by PayPal, no PayPal account or registration is needed.

4.2.         If ’Collect on delivery’ is selected the price and delivery costs can only be paid in cash in the case of personal pickup and delivery by courier, as no credit card terminal is available at the pickup location and for the courier.

4.3.          When Customer chooses to pay immediately when placing the order for the selected Products and the delivery costs (to the selected address or to the selected Pick Pack pickup location), bank transfer can be made via the safe Direct Online PayPal terminal appearing on the screen. The Webshop provides no customer details to either Customer’s or Operators’ bank, and it receives no information from Customer’s bank either, except for confirmation regarding transaction. In credit card payment, Customer’s card issuing bank will lock in the amount to be paid. Only after the Webshop sends an electronic bill will the bank deduct the amount given.

4.4.         In case of selecting payment by bank transfer, the Webshop is entitled to withhold the delivery of the ordered Product(s) until Customer has made payment for the full price of the Product(s) and delivery costs.  For bank transfer, the delivery deadline of the Webshop starts on the date when the full price of the Product(s) and delivery costs appear on the bank account of the Webshop.  In payment by bank transfer any costs incurred will lie with the Customer.

4.5.          It is not in the power of the Webshop to accept any payment methods or terms, such as checks or bank drafts, other than those specified above.


Terms of delivery

5.1.          The Webshop delivers the ordered Product(s) to the address provided by Customer within 6 business days after the confirmation of the order if payment in cash is selected. For payment by bank transfer, Product(s) are delivered within 6 (six) business days after the full amount of the price of the Product(s) and delivery costs are credited to the Webshop’s bank account. Delivery by post or to a post office box is not available in the Webshop.

5.2.          Delivery for an item in stock

If an item is in stock and the order is placed before 3PM (Monday-Friday) it will be despatched from our warehouse the same day, subject to security checks.

Orders placed after 3PM are processed and despatched the next working day.

During times of high demand there might be a delay on this promise, however we will endevour to notify you before hand with messages either on the product page or homepage.

We are happy to despatch international orders via Hungarian Post.

Europe delivery in 3-5 business days

Rest of the World including USA in 5-14 days

5.3.          The Webshop will send a notification to the email address provided by Customer once it has provided the ordered Product(s) to the delivery service.

5.4.          The Webshop provides detailed information about the actual delivery charges and any other incurring costs on the Website. The Webshop reserves the right to modify delivery charges which take effect after being published on the Website.

5.5.      In each delivery method, if the collection of Product(s) fails to take place due to any causes imputable to Customer, the Webshop is entitled to refuse to provide the Product(s) and demand compensation for any losses (particularly but not exclusively the delivery and redelivery costs) from Customer.

5.6.         The Webshop herein urges Customer to inspect the parcel on collection thoroughly in the presence of the mailman.  If damage is detected on the Product(s) or the parcel is incomplete, Customer should not accept the parcel but have a report written.  By signing the proof of receipt, Customer admits to receive the ordered Product(s) free of defects, undamaged and in unopened packaging.


Right of Withdrawal

6.1.          In accordance with article 29 paragraph (1) e) of the Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26.) that regulates the detailed general terms and conditions of the contract between customers and businesses, Customer may not exercise their right of withdrawal in case of packaged Products which, for hygienic or sanitary reasons, are non-returnable once the packaging has been opened. Considering the fact that Webshop, at the time of the present GTC becoming effective only sells cosmetic products, the composition, features and expiry date of which may and do change following the opening of the packaging, Customer, for hygienic or sanitary reasons, may not exercise their right of withdrawal and their right to return the Product once the package has been opened.

6.2.          Inasmuch as Customer wishes to exercise their right of withdrawal, the packaging of the Product must not be tampered with in any way. If the sealed packaging is damaged, the Product will qualify as opened which shall nullify the right of withdrawal. In other cases, see sections 6.3-6.9. that govern the right of withdrawal.

6.3.          In accordance with article 20 of the Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26.) once the contract is concluded, the Customer may withdraw from the contract within 14 (fourteen) calendar days without having to give reasons for the withdrawal, if and only if the Product is unopened and the packaging is intact. The duration of withdrawal is 14 (fourteen) calendar days after Customer or a Customer-appointed Third party other than the Transporter physically receives the last product(s). Customer may also exercise the right of withdrawal between the time of conclusion of the contract and the physical receipt of the Product(s).

6.4.          The right of withdrawal may only and exclusively be exercised by Customers that qualify as consumers (as defined in article 8:1 (1) 3) of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code). If Customer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, he/she is liable to notify the trader about the intention of withdrawal from the contract by sending a letter to: 1054 Budapest, Hold utca 10., or electronically by sending an email to: For this purpose Customer may use the declaration of withdrawal form at the end of the present GTC. The exercise of the right of withdrawal takes place in time if Customer sends the declaration of withdrawal form via post or email prior to the deadline stipulated in 6.1.

6.5.          If Customer qualifying as consumer withdraws from the contract, then Webshop immediately but not later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days following the receipt of the withdrawal form shall refund all considerations given by Customer, including delivery costs – except for costs arising from the Customer’s choice of delivery if it differs from the cheapest way of usual delivery offered by Webshop. During the refund process Webshop applies the same payment method as was applied by the Customer unless Customer, in the declaration of withdrawal or later, gives explicit consent to the application of a different payment method. The application of the refunding method may not result in any charges for the Customer.

6.6.          When exercising the right of withdrawal, Customer is liable to return the relevant product(s) to the Webshop (1054 Budapest, Hold utca 10.) without unreasonable delay but not later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days following the submission of the declaration of withdrawal, unless Webshop expressly in writing agrees to transport the Products back to its premises. Customer shall bear the costs of returning the Product, unless Webshop expressly in writing agrees to bear such costs. If the Product was delivered to Customer at the time when the contract was concluded and due to the nature of the Product it may not be returned via mail, then Webshop shall bear the costs of transporting the Product back. If the Product may be returned via mail, but Customer by their own free will decides on a different delivery method, then Customer is liable to bear all return costs.

6.7.          Webshop is entitled to retain the refund outlined in 6.3. until the relevant Product(s) have been returned to Webshop or until Customer proves beyond doubt that the Product(s) have been sent back to Webshop;  the date of the earlier of the two events is to be considered. Webshop is not entitled to retain the refund if Webshop expressly in writing agrees to return or transport the Product back.

6.8.          Customer is liable for any depreciation of the Product only if the depreciation is the result of abnormal use, i.e. use beyond what is normally necessary to establish the nature and features of the Product. Webshop may require Customer to compensate damages arising from abnormal or excessive use.

6.9.          For other regulations on the right of withdrawal, see the Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26.) that regulates the detailed general terms and conditions of the contract between Customer and Enterprise.

Dealer’s Warranty, Product Warranty


Dealer’s Warranty

7.1.          In the case of non-conformity on the Webshop’s behalf, Customer may claim dealer’s warranty for defects in accordance with the regulations in articles 6:159-167 of the Civil Code. The Civil Code stipulates that Customer may choose from the following rights in the case of a dealer’s warranty claim:

–        primarily Customer may require the repair or replacement of the Product (which must be performed within a reasonable period considering the nature of the product and its intended use, and protecting the Customer’s interests), except if it is impossible to fulfil the chosen dealer’s warranty claim, or if it involves disproportionate additional costs for the Webshop compared to other warranty options, considering the value of the flawless service, the gravity of the breach of contract, and the detriment of the Customer’s interest by fulfilling the dealer’s warranty claim, or

–        the Customer may choose an appropriate reduction of the compensation, may repair the Product or have the repair carried out by a third party at the Webshop’s expense, may withdraw from the contract if Webshop has failed to agree to repair or replace the product, has failed to complete this obligation under the conditions listed in brackets in the previous paragraph, or if it is no longer in the Customer’s interest to have the Product repaired or replaced.

Due to the nature of the Products, repair as a dealer’s warranty claim is impossible, thus Customer may assert a claim for replacement in the case of non-conformity. Inasmuch as Webshop refuses or fails to replace the Product or if it is no longer in the Customer’s interest to have the Product replaced, then Customer is secondarily entitled to request a reduction of the price or to withdraw from the contract. We would like to emphasize that the order in which these warranty rights may be exercised is obligatory for all Customers in accordance with the regulations of the Civil Code. That is, prior to requesting a price reduction or withdrawal, Customers are liable to request a replacement, and they only proceed to the next step if all the above conditions are fulfilled.

7.2.          In case of replacement or withdrawal, Customer is not liable to compensate for depreciation occurring from normal use. If, however, due to the suspension of the limitation period the replacement is carried out after a significant part of the warranty period has elapsed and thus it results in a major appreciation for the Customer, Webshop may claim compensation for the wealth gain. This regulation, however, may not be applied in case of Customers that qualify as consumers (as defined in article 8:1 (1) 3) of the Civil Code).

7.3.          Customer is entitled to switch from the chosen dealer’s warranty claim to another one. In such cases Customer has to bear all costs related to the change, unless it is justifiable or Webshop gave grounds for it.

7.4.          Customer is liable to inform Webshop without delay about any defect he/she discovers. In case of a consumer contract (as defined in article 8:1 (1) 3) of the Civil Code), if the defect is communicated not later than 2 (two) months after the appearance of the defect, it shall be regarded as communicated in due time. Customer shall be liable for damages occurring from a delayed communication of the defect. Customer may not exercise warranty rights after the 1 (one) year limitation period following the conclusion of the contract. In the case of consumer contracts (as defined in article 8:1 (1) 3) of the Civil Code) the limitation period is 2 (two) years. With regard to the repaired or replaced parts of the Product the limitation period recommences when the repair or replacement is carried out.

7.5.          In cases of consumer contracts (as defined in article 8:1 (1) 3) of the Civil Code) it is to be presumed, unless proved otherwise, that the defect revealed within 6 (six) months of the conclusion of the contract already existed at the time when the contract was concluded, unless this presumption is irreconcilable with the nature of the Product or defect. In accordance with this rule, if Customer can prove that the Product was purchased from Webshop the only condition for Customers qualifying as consumers to exercise their dealer’s warranty right is the communication of the defect within 6 (six) months of the conclusion of the contract; in such cases Webshop is discharged from the warranty liabilities only if it proves that the revealed defect did not exist when the contract was concluded, or if the relevant presumption is irreconcilable with the nature of the Product or defect. However, after the first 6 (six) months, it is the responsibility of the Customer to prove that the defect was already present at the time when the contract was concluded.

7.6.          All expenses related to the fulfilment of the warranty liabilities shall be borne by Webshop.

7.7.          Webshop declines to give any guarantee on the Products, and neither are the Products subject to the Government Decree 151/2003 (IX.22.) on the compulsory guarantee on certain consumer goods designated for long-term use, therefore no compulsory guarantee applies. The exclusion of guarantee liability does not affect the dealer’s warranty rights of Customers outlined in sections 7.1-7.5, which they can freely exercise.


Product Warranty

7.8.          In case of non-conformity or defect of a product purchased from Webshop by Customers that qualify as consumers (as defined in article 8:1 (1) 3) of the Civil Code), Customer, in accordance with his/her choice may assert dealer’s warranty or product warranty claims as stated above in sections 7.1-7.5.

7.9.          The product warranty claim entitles Customers that qualify as consumers (as defined in article 8:1 (1) 3) of the Civil Code) solely to request the manufacturer, producer and distributor of the Product to repair the defect or, if the repair is impossible within an appropriate period or without the detriment of Customer’s interests, to replace the Product. In this sense, the Product is to be considered defective if it fails to meet the quality requirements that were in effect when the Product entered the market, or if the Product simply fails to have the characteristics which are laid down in the description provided by the manufacturer or the distributor. In such cases it is the responsibility of the Customer to prove the defect or deficiency of the Product and the fact that he/she qualifies as a consumer (as defined in article 8:1 (1) 3) of the Civil Code). Due to the nature of the Products, repair under a product warranty claim is impossible, therefore Customer may assert a product warranty claim for replacement in case of non-conformity.

7.10.       Customer qualifying as consumer is liable to inform without delay the manufacturer or the distributor of the Product about any defect he/she found. If the defect is communicated not later than 2 (two) months after the discovery of the defect, it shall be regarded as communicated in due time. Customer shall be liable for damages occurring from a delayed communication of the defect.

7.11.       The manufacturer and distributor shall be released from their product warranty obligations 2 (two) years after the Product entered the market. The expiry of this period brings about the forfeiture of legal rights for Customer. In case of transfer of ownership, the new owner may assert his/her product warranty rights against the manufacturer or distributor of the Product

7.12.       The manufacturer and distributor of the Product may be discharged from the product warranty obligations if they prove that the Product was not manufactured or distributed within the scope of their business activity or occupational activity; that the state of scientific and technical knowledge at the time when the product was put into circulation was not such as to enable the existence of the defect to be discovered; that the defect is due to compliance of the product with mandatory regulations issued by the public authorities;  the producer or distributor is not liable if any one reason is proved.

7.13.       If Customer that qualifies as consumer effectively asserts his/her product warranty rights, then the dealer’s warranty liabilities – replaced products in case of replacement and repaired parts in case of repairs – shall be borne by the producer or the distributor of the product.

Joint Rules

7.14.       For one defect, customer may not assert a dealer’s warranty and a product warranty claim at the same time. In such cases Webshop clarifies with Customer which claim Customer wishes to assert; the clarification period is not included in the fulfilment period.


Management of Complaints and Warranty Claims


8.1.          Customer may communicate verbally or in writing his/her complaint on the Webshop’s behaviour, activity or shortcoming which is directly related to the distribution and selling of Products to Customers.

8.2.          Verbal complaints are to be investigated immediately and remedied as necessary. If Customer is not satisfied with the way the complaint is handled or if an immediate investigation of the matter is not possible, Webshop is liable to take minutes on the complaint and on their standpoint in the matter, a copy of which is to be handed over to Customer on the spot if the complaint was made verbally and in person. If the verbal complaint is made via telephone or other electronic communicational service, the copy of the minutes is to be sent to Customer not later than a response to the complaint is made and sent. Webshop is liable to attach an individual identity number to each and every verbal complaint made via telephone or other electronic communicational service.

8.3.          Webshop is liable to substantively respond to written complaints within 30 (thirty) days following the receipt of the complaint. Webshop is liable to justify the rejection of any complaint. Webshop is liable to keep the minutes recorded about the complaints and a copy of the response for 5 (five) years, and, if requested, to present those documents to the inspection authorities.

8.4.          If the complaint is rejected, Webshop is liable to inform Customer in writing as to which authority or conciliatory board he/she can turn to – depending on the nature of the complaint – in order to initiate a legal procedure. Webshop is also liable to provide the postal address assigned based on the headquarters of the Webshop.


Management of Warranty Claims

8.5.          When asserting warranty claims, it is the Customer that has to prove the conclusion of the contract. The contract is to be considered concluded if Customer presents a document – an invoice or receipt issued in accordance with the VAT Act – that proves the payment of the compensation.

8.6.          Webshop is liable to take minutes of the warranty or guarantee claims it receives. If Webshop fulfils the warranty liabilities in a way other than the one preferred or chosen by Customer, Webshop has to justify its decision in the minutes. Furthermore, the minutes must inform the Customer that he/she may initiate proceedings by the conciliatory boards operating alongside the chambers of commerce and industry in the counties and in Budapest. The copy of the minutes is to be handed over immediately and verifiably to Customer.

8.7.          If on the receipt of a claim Webshop is unable to inform Customer as to the possibility of the fulfilment of the warranty claim, Webshop is liable to verifiably notify Customer within 5 (five) working days about its stance. Should the claim be rejected, Webshop is also liable to justify the decision and to provide information to the Customer on the possibility of contacting a conciliatory board.

8.8.          Webshop is liable to keep the minutes of the warranty or guarantee claims for 3 (three) years, and, if requested, to present those documents to the inspection authorities.

8.9.          A warranty or guarantee claim does not qualify as complaint as defined in the above sections 8.1.-8.4. in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.


Joint Rules

8.10.       Customer may file a complaint or warranty claim by contacting the Webshop via telephone or email (see header for data), via mail at the postal address 1054 Budapest, Hold utca 10. or in person in the office at the same address.

8.11.       In respect to any disputes arising from the products and services purchased from Webshop, from the purchase itself or from the nullity of the present GTC or of its parts, Parties agree that Hungarian law shall govern.

8.12.       In respect of any complaints as to the operation, Products and services of Webshop, Customers may contact the relevant Conciliatory Body or the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection (1052 Budapest, Városház u. 7.) or the Hungarian courts of law.


Denial of Use of the Webshop

9.1.          Webshop reserves the right to deny access to any users and cancel any transaction or any other content or information that, in the Webshops’s interpretation, is against the appropriate use of the Webshop or qualifies as defamation, illegal, offensive, immoral or undesirable for any reason. Webshop does not provide any legal remedy whatsoever for individuals that have been denied access to the shop.


Closing provisions

10.1.       In matters not regulated in present GTC,  provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, Act CVIII of 2001 on electronic commerce, Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed rules governing contracts between consumers and companies, Ministry for National Economy Decree 19/2014 (IV.29.) on the rules of procedure of handling warranty and guarantee needs related to products sold within the contract between consumer and company, as well as provisions of other Hungarian laws and regulations in effect are to be applied.

10.2.       Present General Term & Conditions are valid from the date they are published on the Website until they are withdrawn.

10.3.       The Webshop is entitled to unilaterally modify present general terms and conditions. Such modifications become effective once they are published on the Website.

10.4.       If any provision of Present General Terms & Conditions becomes invalid or ineffective, the application of other provisions will not be affected.

10.5.       If the Webshop fails to exercise any of their rights to which they are entitled by present GTC, failing to exercise the right cannot be considered as a waiver of the given right.  The waiver of any right is only valid in the case of an explicit written declaration for this purpose. If the Webshop in certain cases does not comply strictly with certain important conditions and stipulations of the GTC, this cannot be interpreted as waiving its right to strictly comply or ensuring compliance with the given conditions and stipulations in the future.

10.6.       The Webshop and Customer are to primarily resolve any disputes in a peaceful manner. For possible legal disputes which cannot be settled in this way, the exclusive jurisdiction of Buda Central District Court is stipulated.

10.7.       The users or the Customers of the Website can contact the Webshop at with any further questions or comments regarding present General

Terms & Conditions, the use of the Website or the Webshop, and the products ordered.


Related laws and regulations

In drawing up present GTC the following laws and regulations were taken into account:

Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed general terms and conditions of the contract between customers and businesses

Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code

Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services

Act XLVII of 2008 on the Prohibition of Unfair Commercial Practice against Consumers;

Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Basic Requirements and Certain Restrictions of Commercial Advertising Activities

Act CLV of 1997 on Consumer Protection

Ministry for National Economy Decree 19/2014 (IV.29.) on the rules of procedure of handling warranty and guarantee needs related to products sold within the contract between consumer and company

23 July 2014, Budapest



(only should be filled in and sent back in the case of withdrawal from the contract)

Addressee: [1]

I/We, the undersigned hereby certify that I/We exercise my/our right of withdrawal/termination of the contract regarding the purchase of the following product(s) or the following service: [2]


Date of contract /acceptance: [3]

Name of customer(s):

Address of customer(s):

Signature of customer(s): (solely in the case of declaration written on paper)



[1] The name of business, postal address, and –if available- phone number, fax number and electronic address should be given here.

[2] Specifying the product or service that is the subject of the contract

[3] Relevant is to be marked